Bulk Comfort Kit Orders
Thanks to the generosity of our donors and partners, we have distributed 62% more Comfort Kits in 2022 than we did during the same time period in 2021.

Due to the increase in requests and challenges with supply issues, we are temporarily pausing our bulk orders until we are able to meet all existing requests on the waitlist. While we work to identify additional funding and replenish inventory so we can re-open bulk orders, families are welcome to access online resources through the Comfort Crew Academy. Parents can create a free account and gain immediate access to the animated movie and additional activities under "Comfort Kit Plus", courses on building resiliency and managing stress, interviews with other military kids, and resources for parents.

Individual families can still request Comfort Kits by completing the Comfort Kit Request Form. We will ship Comfort Kits directly to families who request them.

If you need assistance, please contact us at contact@comfortcrew.org.

Thanks for your patience!

  “I have seen every one of Mr. Trevor Romain’s videos with Jack and Skye. It was amazing to watch those videos and really learn life lessons from them even as a kid. I received one of his journals when I was at Ft. Campbell and I was able to send that journal back and forth when my dad was deployed in Iraq. And I think that really helped us keep that connection.”
-2017 Midwest Military Youth of the Year
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