Bulk Comfort Kit Orders
With your help we can meet the needs for over 1100 families waiting for resources for their children.

Your donation will help to ensure a military child will receive the necessary resources to help with the challenges that they will be facing!

Select "Sponsor Now" below to support a specific and entire group with Comfort Kits or Donate Here to contribute to the general area of greatest need.

Request #100
Deployment Kits Executive Secretary $12,600
FL 300 Children January 3, 2020

Request #103
Deployment Kits FRSA $10,500
Italy 250 Children January 15, 2020

Request #106
Deployment/TAGN Kits FRG Leader 14,700
NC 350 Children March 15, 2020

Request #107       
TAGN Kits                 MFLC                  $1,680
MS 40 Children ASAP

Request #109
Depl/TAGN/TCOY Kits Family Life Specialist $9,450
Japan 225 Children ASAP

Request #TBD

Once funding has been secured, we will mark it as funded and move down the list. If funding is restricted to a branch or location, you may see requests filled out of order. Thanks for your patience!

  “I have seen every one of Mr. Trevor Romain’s videos with Jack and Skye. It was amazing to watch those videos and really learn life lessons from them even as a kid. I received one of his journals when I was at Ft. Campbell and I was able to send that journal back and forth when my dad was deployed in Iraq. And I think that really helped us keep that connection.”
-2017 Midwest Military Youth of the Year
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