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The Comfort Crew is best known for their Comfort Kits. Designed for school-age children, these four specialized resource kits address specific challenges and transitions associated with growing up in a military family: being separated due to deployments, reconnecting after a time of separation, having a parent return with a visible and/or invisible injury, or experiencing grief over the loss of a family member.

Each Comfort Crew piece uses a unique blend of humor and personal stories to open kids up to talking about the "tough stuff." These unique edutainment experiences allow us to talk about serious subjects in a way that is accessible to children.

Our experiences of impacting over 500,000 children in the past ten years, data collected from surveys, and receiving hundreds of letters from kids, counselors, and parents (Click Here To See Them For Yourself) show that what we're doing is working and we're excited that with the help of people like you, together we can make these resources available to every military kid in need.


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  We all appreciate the beautiful homecomings we see in the media, but what happens next? We hear from families that sometimes the reintegration process can be as or more difficult that the deployment. Research shows that post-deployment families often experience higher levels of stress, instability, and lower levels of family functioning including divorce.  
  According to the Department of Defense, over 6,250 US service members have been killed in action since 9/11. In addition, a total of 23 veterans and service members commit suicide each day. About 35.9% of service members are married with an average of 2 children.  
  Since 9/11, more than 52,000 service members have returned home from war with visible injuries and an estimated 400,000 have returned with invisible wounds. Medical professionals claim that over 20% of service members are diagnosed with exhibiting symptoms of PTSD.  
  Currently, there are 1.2 million school age children with a parent serving in the US armed forces and approximately 1 million of these children have experienced one or more deployments. On top of everyday youth challenges, military children have to navigate through additional challenges like moving every 2-3 years and the lingering stress of their parent's dangerous job.  

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