Wounded Warriors

The Challenge
Since 9/11, 50,581 service members have returned from war with visible injuries and an estimated 320,000 have returned with Traumatic Brain Injuries. Medical professionals claim that over 20% of service members are diagnosed with exhibiting symptoms of PTSD.

While we're making amazing strides as a country in supporting our wounded warriors, there has been little time or resources available to support the children.

Military children have a difficult time processing the experience of a parent coming home wounded and don't know how to communicate these resources. Our Wounded Warrior resources help military kids and their families pave the way to building quality, thriving family support systems.

According to the Study on Children of Seriously Wounded Service Members: A Needs Assessment, The Comfort Crew for Military Kids is one of twelve "organizations that stood out in their focus and efforts to provide needed social support and training services to children and families of seriously wounded service members."

What Exactly Is "The Taking Care Of You!" Kit?

With this kit, families can encourage and support one another when challenged with the obstacles of reintegration.

The Taking Care of You! Support for Kids of Injured Heroes Kit supports families and children ages six and older who are experiencing a loved one's return from deployment with visible and/or invisible injuries.

The Injury Care Kit features the Taking Care of You! Support for Kids of Injured Heroes DVD created by the Trevor Romain Company with the USO, and provides resources that help military children understand the types of injuries as well as recovery and reintegration processes.

The Care Kit includes:
  • The Taking Care of You! Support for Kids of Injured Heroes DVD
  • A Journal with prompts, calendar, map, and activities
  • The Taking Care of You! Family Guidebook
  • Coco™, a plush toy mouse offering comfort to children
  • An Achievement Patch
  • All housed in a Care Kit Box to keep treasured items safe.
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Key Metrics
Total Children Impacted: 23,000 Per Year
Per Child Support Needed : $18.69
Total Amount Needed Annually: $429,870
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