Wait List for Bulk Comfort Kit Orders

by comfortcrewmk on January 22, 2016

Please help our military children! With your help we can meet the needs for 1,543 families requesting our Comfort Kits for their children. Deployments are on the rise and these families are preparing for long separations!

Your donation will help to ensure a military child will receive the necessary resources to help with the challenges that they will be facing!

Donate Today – Together we can continue to provide support to our military children every day.

Weekly Individual Requests:

  1. 34 WYATW Kits
  2. 19 TAGN Kits
  3. 1 TCOY Kit

Wait List – Bulk Requests:

  1. Texas, Army, 200 Deployment Kits
  2. Wyoming, Air National Guard, 103 Deployment Kits
  3. Texas, Air Reserve, 100 Deployment
  4. Wyoming, Army National Guard, 10 Deployment Kits
  5. Texas, Air Force, 116 Deployment Kits
  6. Nevada, Army, 10 Together Again Kits
  7. California, Navy, 70 Deployment Kits
  8. Alabama, Air Force, 20 Deployment and 20 Together Again Kits
  9. Ramstein, Air Force, 43 Deployment Kits
  10. Arkansas, Army National Guard, 10 Deployment Kits
  11. Washington, Army/Air Force, 40 Kits (10 each)
  12. Alabama, Air Force, 35 Deployment Kits
  13. Minnesota, Air National Guard, 80 Deployment Kits
  14. Connecticut, Navy, 64 Deployment Kits
  15. Texas, Army, 22 Deployment Kits
  16. Texas, Air National Guard, 40 Deployment Kits
  17. Alaska, Army, XX Deployment Kits
  18. Virginia, Navy, 15 Deployment, 15 Together Again Kits, 3 TCOY, 20 Grief
  19. Florida, Navy, 50 Deployment Kits
  20. Kansas, Army 300 Deployment Kits
  21. Texas, Air Force, 100 Deployment Kits
  22. Florida, Air Force, 30 Together Again Kits

Once funding has been secured, we will cross out and move down the list. If funding is restricted to a specific base or location, you may see requests filled out of order. Thanks for your patience!



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