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by comfortcrewmk on June 27, 2019

Dear Friends of Comfort Crew,

I am a Navy Wife of 15 years, a mother to two amazingly resilient Navy kids, a Navy and Marine Granddaughter, an Army Daughter, and an Airforce Sister. Recently, I’ve been given the privilege of taking on the role of Command Family Ombudsman in Virginia Beach. Needless to say, our military and their families hold a very special place in my heart.

In April 2017, my husband checked into his current command, gearing up to deploy for 7 months overseas. This would be my kids first experience with a deployment. Honestly, I think I was more terrified of the unknown for them than they were until a friend introduced me to her Comfort Crew “With You All the Way” Kit. As a family, the four of us sat down and watched the DVD together. It was at that moment I was able to feel confident in a successful deployment from the home front, not only for my children, but for myself. My sons were able to understand at their level the importance of their father’s job and of our job as his family.

Our command is preparing once again to deploy overseas for another 7 months. Thankfully, I have been given the opportunity to share the gifts of the “With You All the Way” Kits with the families in our command. The kits are great for the new and seasoned military families. Though we did not raise our hand and swear in for our country, we said “I do or I will be here for you” to our service members. If given the tools to build resiliency, our children can successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities they face. Thankfully, those of us here on the home front have been given these kits to get us through the rough times of separation. From the journals used to get our frustrations out on paper to the cuddly bear for when you just need a good hug, these items provide comfort and strength and remind us that we are not alone, and that we can get through this deployment together.

Jayden (7) with his Comfort Crew Bear, Cuzzie

I personally want to thank supporters of the Comfort Crew, for all that you do! Without your commitment to our military and their families, we would not be as secure and successful as we are.

This Holiday weekend, please consider donating to the Comfort Crew. Your support truly makes a difference.

Ashley Calderon
2019-Armed Forces Insurance Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base Spouse of the Year

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